James Leighton-Burns

Commissions & Archive

Creative Lead, Scriptwriter, Director/Producer.

Summary –

James is an established (dyslexic) creative who started out as a professional photographer at the very young age of 23. His archive is vast, celebrities, fashion, documentary, music, road trip and automotive. Today he has evolved into a filmmaker, scriptwriter, creative lead, consultant and may take the role of photographer as part of film commission.

Screenplay –

James is on draft two of his SCI-FI script, set 1000 years in the future, page 260 (two films)… Another two months left. Two other scripts have been 40% outlined, new info will follow.

Projects –

A number of film projects are in Pre & Post-production, collaberations with crew and some personal.

Personal Life –

When James is not writing and filming, he teams up with his wife to mad handle their four young active children. Also, he is an ultra runner in his spare time. The way of life requires training in all weathers for hours in the hills, slotted in at various times from 5am to 10pm… he loves the escape.  James is training for various 5 & 6 point ITRA ultra races in 2020… The Oner & UTS100… and another 100 miler late summer.

TV Format | Documentary

Ultra Runners, plus something else. If you know the faces, tasty runners.

Filming has started in January, some very extreme weather and some interesting setups…

Another element is a go… we have someone going for a record to add to the story… yes the fastest hundred 100 miler on the planet. Also Charlie Butcher from TV an a airline pilot… The group is growing.

I couple of rough clips pieced together for some quick ideas. The complete film with have 8 or 9 main characters and a few side stories, voice over from coaches and family and interviews… Plus the world record attempt… further interest in Febuary means it might be more runners than expected as the concept grows.

Working on something in fitness.

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